Flow: a daily post


I don’t know if any of you know Flow, but it’s a monthly magazine that’s pretty popular in Belgium. It’s a Dutch lifestyle magazine with amazing graphics, insights and subjects. You can click here if you’d like to check it out. Every year they publish a daily calendar. Last year it was about tiny pleasures, this year, it’s a question a day. 

If you read the title, you’ve probably guessed what’s about to happen. As of today, I will be answering the questions on the calendar daily. Some of these posts will be short and sweet, like this one, others might be a bit lengthier. So, here we go.

Today’s question: what do you most frequently order in a café?

It depends on the time of day really.

Until 5 PM I’ll usually order a coffee, a latte macchiato to be precise (I LOVE me some coffee). After 5, it’s probably a glass of white wine.

If I end up in a cocktail bar however, I’ll  go with a Caipirinha or a Lazy Red Cheeks.

Feel free to share your favourite drink down below!



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