Flow question time – day 2



Here we are again: a new day, a new question.

Today’s question is: if you could start your own business, what would it be? 

This is actually quite a difficult one for me, because initially, my mind just went to the cliché businesses like a shop or a bar or something along that line and I don’t really think that’s for me tough. Plus, there’s so much competition out there that you have to come up with something incredibly original to make it work.

The one thing that pops to mind for me would be more like a community center. A place that has a homely feel where people can come together in a common area to socialize but also take different types of courses in different rooms during the evenings (art, languages, a book club …). And no, there wouldn’t be wifi. You’d actually have to interact with people, imagine that …

I’m all about empowering people, so I’d probably take on some ‘clients’ for some personal life coaching too. Life’s complicated people, and it just feels nicer knowing that someone is cheering you on.

Feel free to share your own business idea down below!



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