Flow question time – day 4



On today’s menu: do you always celebrate your birthday?

The answer to this one is a simple one: yes, I do. Now, the thing is that I share my birthday, the 2nd of December, with my dad. Yes, you are reading this correctly, I was born on my dad’s birthday which I think is pretty special.

Unfortunately, it’s also been a bit annoying sometimes. In the past, it must have been annoying for him, because I was the little one growing up, so his birthday was usually pushed to the background. Now I’m at an age where it’s kind of ‘annoying’ for me. I don’t live at home anymore and I know my dad would be very disappointed if I didn’t see him that day, but I also feel the need to go out and celebrate this day with my friends. See the dilemma?

This year, we actually found a great solution, which I hope is the start of a new tradition because I really enjoyed it. We had brunch together, just me and my dad, and we did some shopping after and in the evening I went for dinner and some drinks with my girls. All’s well that ends well.


So how do you usually celebrate your birthday? Feel free to share!




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