International Women’s Day

Today is a very special day ladies. Today is all about us girls. Now, a lot of people wonder why there is an international day dedicated to women, most of whom are men. Well, let me tell you why.

Technically I can’t complain. I grew up in Western society where I am priviliged enough to go to school, and even get a higher education, I can go to work and make my own money (not as much as a male though), I can walk the streets by myself and I can marry who I want to marry. I get to choose who runs my country and I get to decide what happens to my body. I really can’t complain because I know there’s a lot of girls and women that aren’t half as lucky. And that’s mind-boggling to me.

Despite all the amazing progress, we still have a long way to go when it comes to equality, even in Western society. Women are still raped and abused on a daily basis, with men usually going unpunished. Companies can still pay us less money just because of our gender.We still deal with patriarchy and misogyny. We’re still considered less worthy than boys in most countries. We’re still fighting for our rights all over the world, and it doesn’t look like we’re done fighting any time soon.

We’re strong creatures, us girls. We have strong minds, strong hearts and strong bodies (we can make new humans, hello?!) and what probably hurts me most is watching girls treat other girls like shit. Constantly pointing the finger and judging each other. That’s not the way we get empowered ladies, don’t you forget: we’re in this together.

So put your girl power on and let your voice be heard. We rock. We rule.




P.S. If you find the time, give this bad ass woman a listen. She has some good stuff to say.


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